ULTRINIA offers customized scaffolds with very high anisotropy (~1000000:1) in substrate nanofiber size, stiffness, hydrophilicity and orientation. The scaffolds are:

  • self-aligned, self-oriented and functionalized ceramic nanofibers (~40 nm diameter)
  • with high porosity (90-95% between 5-50 nm)
  • withstanding extreme dry heat sterilization (over 1100°C)

These scaffolds could be considered as 2.5D culture, as they could be exploited in nearly flat and almost fully permeable setups.

Biomaterials that are capable of directing stem cells differentiation into specific desired phenotypes are key tools for the safe implementation of these cells in a clinical setting.

SEM image of the nano-interface on the boundary between ULTRINIA scaffold and a cancer cell.

SEM image of the nano-interface on the boundary between ULTRINIA scaffold and a cancer cell.

New types of scaffolds have demonstrated clear influence of these substrates on cells (human mesenchymal stem cells (hMSC) and peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC)) behaviour without use of extra factors and chemical compounds ("clean cultures"). 

These scaffolds are eventually capable, by virtue of their own material components and surface properties, of achieving several biological responses simultaneously without additional drug, cytokine or other interventional coating or drug release.

They also shown in vitro dampening of critical inflammation markers, absence of corrosion and issues related to bio- and immune compatibility. 

Scaffolds exhibited unusual immobilization of cancer cells, reduction of cancer cells proliferation and exposure of cancer cell nuclei to the surface whereas “hiding” cytoplasm inside the scaffold. Fine cytoplasm features could be triggered on different cancer cell types, and their cell shape can be controlled.

Together with our partners we also provide contract services for in vitro testing on these scaffolds for tissue engineering developers, manufacturers, laboratories, universities, clinics and regulatory bodies. 

how to get these?

All scaffolds are custom-made by order and we recommend you inquire first about the application you would like to evaluate to provide the best solution.